11 Nov 2012

A continuation of my best collection.


As part of my degree I spend a considerable amount of time out on placement; I get sent to hospitals all around Wales to work with phenomenal, and sometimes challenging, patients during often traumatic and defining times of their lives.  The days are long, rewarding and exhausting.  I find that walking in from the train station each day I am filled with a mix of anticipation and tension, which is not aided by the fact that the hospital I am currently based at is located next to a steel works - the skies are grey and heavy and it always fills me with foreboding.  (In general my moods tend to directly reflect the weather).

But if I take the bleak skies to be an omen, I cannot pretend to understand what the clouds were saying this Friday.  The sky danced and shifted as the sun rose, with strange tunnels, pathways and hurricane shapes appearing and migrating.  I sat on a low wall in a dingy car park for the longest time I could.

Doesn't the last picture look like an abstract painting?  The top pictures are Cirrocumulus clouds (radiatus variety) and the bottom is Cirrus (Spissatus species).





  1. These pictures made my tummy flutter! Especially the last one. So stunning.

    1. Aw, thank you so much :) I felt like that watching the clouds - living in one of rainiest, wettest places in the world sometimes has its advantages! xx

  2. Great photos :)
    Working is never been easy for me , work there and left for home. Work , work ,work :( It sometimes kills :/


    1. Thank you :) I know, it feels especially un-fun in winter when you leave in the dark and go home in the dark - I am craving Vitamin D already and it is only November! xx