11 Oct 2012

Wednesday's delivery (again on Thursday).


I love making these InstaCam montages, it is wonderful to remember that every week has had its special moments.  Recently I discovered an app on my phone called PhotoGrid which has made this process even easier - this whole image was made on my trusty Nokia, no more stressing with resizing squares on photoshop for me!  Most of these pictures are from my visit home; the only extras are me and Maisie sharing nap time and the picture of me and my father, which is clearly not a recent shot but as this week was the first time I have ever seen this picture, I figured it could make it into the weekly montage.



Back to the owed vegetables - I promise to never ever share such grainy pictures again but the colours were just too wonderful not to include and as we have eaten a few of the component parts already I cannot reshoot!  The top photo is what greets me on the doorstep on my return from lectures every Wednesday afternoon.  It is such a treat to unpack!  I am trying to savour every last moment of the salads and tomatoes tucked in the boxes before they are replaced with an eternity of swedes and carrots.


Seriously, if anyone can tell me what to do with swedes I will be eternally grateful!  

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  1. I love the way you take pictures, they look so peaceful. That little snail still made me smile the second time around!!