12 Sep 2012

Harvest time.


So I might be a little late with my September appreciation post but I'm going to do it anyway.  I love September.  I think it could be the best of all months.  It is still warm, the sea is its least toe-cramping and my veg box is at its finest.  Unpacking it this morning was nothing less than a joy.  You can look online to find out what you're getting but I never do.  Discovering a tiny melon under a mound of green beans is what it is all about.  As I unpack each item recipes are constructed in front of my eyes; here is what this week might look like.

thinking of food

This is the best time of year to go for walks, the hedgerows and the bees are pretty busy.  My poor phone is beginning to struggle with the number of pictures it is being forced to take.  I must confess though, a couple of the photographs are technically cheating whilst discussing a British September as they were taken at the Eden Project.

f5 f4 f2 f11

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