1 Aug 2012

The imaginary butterfly collector.


When I was little I wanted to have a house that was filled with dusty drawers of butterflies and rare beetles like in the museums.  I wanted to wear all white and to catch them in nets whilst adventuring in dark jungles and write the Latin name underneath them in cool, swirly handwriting.  One year, whilst visiting my Nonna and Nonno in Italy, I captured a scorpion.  It wasn't huge but it was black, shiny and evil looking.  I carefully put him in a petri-dish that I found in one of the jumbled cupboards in my Nonno's study,  I taped it shut and put him deep into my backpack to bring back to England as the first in my collection.  When I got home he remained in his petri-dish tomb, forgotten in a draw filled with the junk of an eleven year old.  Maybe six months or maybe a year later, I don't remember, I dug him out to show a friend.  As I lifted the lid off of the dish and his dagger tail flicked straight up.  It was totally alive!  Thank gosh my mum came up and squished him flat.  
After that I decided against collecting bugs.  
So, imagine dusty drawers if you will, here are the creatures I collected this week.

36 15 13 12 11 9 7 6 5

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