10 Aug 2012

My Nonna's very special stuffed peaches.


Okay, so no lies, this recipe definitely benefits from the addition of; glorious sunshine, peaches straight from the garden and icy prosecco, but I am sure it is still fine in cooler climates.  My Nonna used to make these every year we stayed with her as children and my gosh I loathed them.  Then one year I was bullied into convinced to 'try just one mouthful' and now it simply breaks my heart a little to think of all the lovely peaches I missed out on over the years.

The Recipe.

  • At least 1 peach per person (and probably more if you want to eat them for breakfast the next few days)
  • Crunchy Amaretto biscuits, the number depends on the size of the biscuits/peaches - maybe 2/3 per peach half.
  • A couple good spoonfuls Cocoa powder
  • 1 egg
  • Optional: a good glug of brandy

There is no such thing as quantities for a Nonna recipe - it is a 'try and adjust' kinda recipe.  Take your peaches, halve them and remove the stone and lay them out on a baking tray.  Scoop out the peachy flesh (to make room for the stuffing see) and put it in a bowl - do not over scoop though (look at the photo above for a rough guide).  Into the same bowl  mix in the crumbled biscuits and the cocoa powder then add the brandy.  Finally mix in the beaten egg.  Push this delicious paste into the peach halves and put them in the oven.
I cannot really give you an oven temperature or a cooking time as you never, ever, put the oven on for stuffed peaches alone.  They are to fill the gaps in the oven around the bread you are baking or the summer veg you are roasting.  If I had to I would suggest 180-200'C and around half an hour, just keep an eye on them.  You know they are done when the peaches have gone all soft and the stuffing is dry and cracked on top.
Eat hot or cold with cream, yogurt, or ice cream or unadorned, for breakfast, lunch or dinner or simply throughout the day.  Look how versatile they are!

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