21 Aug 2012

Life Skills // staying inspired.


Inspiration is a funny thing.  When you have no time, work is too busy, errands are overwhelming or revision is taking up your every spare moment, you can think of approximately 2,367 ways you'd rather be spending your time.  Then suddenly the schedule breaks, the load is lifted and a whole day is free - what the heck are you meant to do with it?
Sometimes I think having time can actually turn out to be a whole lot scarier than not having any.


I hate that.  I hate having time and finding myself staring at a blank page, or new ball of yarn, or a fully charged camera with no idea of where to go next, wasting the precious moments I am lucky enough to have.  
Some people can just sit and think, I am envious of them.  I am a faffer.  I am genetically completely unable to sit still for more than two minutes without finding something to do.  I can't watch a film unless I am knitting or doodling or in some other way distracting myself.  My mind does not lend itself to quiet contemplation.
But I can walk.  I am good at walking.  I find that I become most inspired to do things when I am outside.  If I am stuck in the house looking at a blank page nothing comes to mind.  I can read blogs and browse pinterest for hours, feeling like I am surrounding myself with creativity and yet find I am unable to generate a single original thought.  
But an hour walk, without an iPod, without a phone, without company, then my mind can wander.  It can go miles.  Tangents of thought present themselves and lead to places I never knew existed.  This blog was the result of such a walk.  Seriously, try it!  Just make sure you have a notebook and pen.  Nothing worse than striking genius and forgetting by the time you get home!


Despite being slightly set in my ways, I still love to read how the most creative people seek inspiration.

Here are a few of my favourite articles:



Heck, if you're still stuck, get inventive.

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