18 Aug 2012

Disposable Joy // Snippets of Summer.


There is just something about disposable cameras that I really love.  It could be the blue tones of each photograph, or maybe the vignetting or perhaps it is simply the excitement of not quite knowing what I'm going to get back.  It's hard to say.  Recently our supermarket has starting selling disposable cameras in multipacks, so I have been trying to keep a few on the go at any one time, taking a couple snaps on each now and again.  Having them all mixed up means the photos I get back are always a surprise!
However this is relatively lame compared to some of the experiments being trialled by disposable addicts around the world.  I recently found this article on ways to use a disposable camera and it has become evident I need to step up my disposable game somewhat!  I mean, seriously, look at this Flickr group set up purely for photographs from damaged disposables - it is incredible the effects that can be achieved with a lump of plastic.  Plus, they can prove a significantly cheaper alternative to some of the Lomography Cameras - especially when you can learn to reload them!
Anyway, here are some disposable pictures of my summer.

Image13 Image23 Image17 Image14 Image8 Image Image3


  1. these photos are stunning! I need to try taking some disposable camera photos xx

  2. Thank you :) I was so pleased, the colours make them look like photos from a slide camera! xx