15 Aug 2012

Around here.


I promise you this is the last of my Italy pictures, done and dusted.  I know that I have been back home for over a week, but I still feel not quite ready to let go.  Maybe tomorrow.  
It is raining in Cardiff (of course) but I am editing pictures of good times and brainstorming some ideas for this little blog, I can smell pizza cooking in the next room and, well, I'm feeling a little excited.  I am also fully aware that I really need to get a move on with my summer list - the weeks are disappearing so fast and I feel a little uncertain where my endless time has drained away to.
Also, can you believe I opened a brand new VHS videotape yesterday?  I mean it's 2012!!  (A friend gave me a copy of the single most amazing game in the world ever, Atmosfear, entirely new and unopened.  It is basically an antique)!  Videotapes are somehow far more satisfying than DVDs, I mean, I know they could be a jumpy, getting chewed up by the player, pain in the butt but there is something special about them.  The cupboards filled with a videotapes daubed with scrawled and faded handwriting may have been a nightmare to find 'Edward Scissorhands' in, yet I still feel it beats the clinical newness of DVDs.  Also, how unromantic does a mix-CD sound?  And a mix-iTune's playlist?  That allows you to shuffle it and play in an unintended order?  I'd rather not.

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