6 Jul 2012

Camping Tricks // All-in-one bonfire roast.

Barbecues are a thing of the past.  Don't get me wrong, I really do love barbecue food but it's an awful lot of hassle.  Especially when camping and it is drizzling and windy and probably cold.  You don't want to be turning kebabs/burgers/sausages every couple minutes.  I have the answer

All that is needed is a couple potatoes, an aubergine, a ton of curly kale, some chorizo and slices of lemon.  Before you leave for camping, mix up some paprika, olive oil, a little salt & black pepper and some thyme ready to pour over just before cooking.  Once all chopped up nice and small, wrap it up tight in tin foil and push (carefully) into the fire (or the coals of the barbecue if you are not in a fire friendly zone).  We cooked ours for about 15minutes on each side and they came out perfectly.  

Then eat straight out the tin foil sat on a cliff top, serving suggestion: cheap pink fizzy from plastic cups.





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