2 Apr 2012

Pinhole Magic

My mum went to a workshop run by Justin Quinnell about a year ago and has been prodding me in the direction of his website ever since.  I eventually remembered to look and within seconds a new obsession had taken root in my mind.  Justin Quinell makes pinhole cameras in a variety of unusual objects (from the small; using film cannisters to the slightly larger; turning your whole room into camera).  For me the excitement was all about the beercan cameras.

I have now created a very professional darkroom set up in our bathroom; the developing trays sit in my bath whilst a bike light is duct-taped to the wall...but it works!  James' doesn't seem to mind too terribly, as long as the cameras are all made from Oranjeboom cans.
The results so far have been fairly mixed but each is magical.  Watching pictures spring up on soggy paper pulled out of a beer can feels pretty impressive.

Home Sweet Home!

This is clearly an ultra- ultra- wide angled lens!  My house sadly is sadly not the one on the corner really but it is a nice effect. 

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