About me.

3Hi!  I'm Jai!  I am a recently graduated, impoverished post-student living back home in the English countryside.  I love ornithology, entomology and small critters generally and I sincerely wish someone would employ me to work as a curator at the Natural History Museum.  I go camping a lot and am consequently developing a (sometimes successful) love of foraging and outdoors cooking.1 James and I are between homes (and, until August, between employment) and we are expecting our first baby, a little boy, in November.  Things are exciting!  In the mean time, we have a wonderful summer ahead living with my mother, stealing fruit from the garden and chasing pesky escaping chickens. WP_001792

I have yet to organise a list of my favourite posts (it will be coming shortly), however in the mean time please check out my growing 'collections' of flora & fauna.