22 Jan 2014

cosy days.

My constant companion is ten weeks old today.  A friend of mine gave birth yesterday morning to a tiny, wrinkled, red faced boy and, looking at her first shell-shocked photographs, I could see how far ten weeks has taken us.  It was a good moment.
However many weeks pass, I still find it so hard to narrow down the number of snaps I take of Faelen each day as each moment feels significant in some way.  Above he is my date at the Bocabar (my favourite place for a cup of tea and slab of orange and almond cake in Bristol) and below is the only way to spend an afternoon post-grizzle-fest.  Life is pretty cosy here in Bristol right now :)

1 comment:

  1. Jealous! But you are looking so snuggled up. I do adore it xx