21 Oct 2013

a babyshower.


This weekend I got totally spoilt.  My old school friends turned up en masse (something we are lucky to manage once a year) bearing gifts and banoffee pie for a babyshower.  I hadn't really considered a babyshower - them being an American phenomenon and me being a British bunny, I figured it wouldn't apply to me.  Turns out I have pretty good friends!

9. 8. 7.

A prolonged lunch and catch-up was followed by afternoon tea and cake at Cox & Baloney (including the best lemon and Earl Grey cake) then, following our return in the evening, James and I were made dinner in our own kitchen - literally the best kind of decadence!

6. IMG_0616

And the gifts!  Oh my gosh.  Whilst baby boy now has ridiculously adorable baby clothes to look forwards to (I totally take back my boy stuff just isn't as cute complaint), I was spoilt with handmade earrings made my friend's mother (you never get too big for earrings!!) and a bottle of Prosecco with Babycham flutes to enjoy after the baby boy has arrived.  And, incredibly, my talented friend Jess (who blogs over at Jungle Noises) actually sewed a quilt - like, a whole actual quilt!  I can't imagine how long that must have taken!

So so spoilt :)

2013 the baby shower

2006 (quite a while ago) the first group picture ever - taken on holiday (the various men in this picture have all since been forgotten)!

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  1. an early grey cake? yum yum! i need to find a recipe for that to make for my aunt who would love it!