20 Jul 2013

North Nibley Festival.


I feel like I am repeating myself somewhat, but just one more time, I am loving the heat wave in the UK right now.  Turns out I am totally unprepared for sunshine and have had to wear the same old sarong (the one summer thing that fits over the bump) every day for a week (ahem-moreliketendays), but nothing could ruin my enjoyment of this weather.

Plus, sunshine and festivals over here are a rare treat - North Nibley Festival was the first festival of my life that did not require wellington boots and a raincoat!  In fact it was so hot that I sought shelter in the beer tent for much of the afternoon.  I may also have had a little nap - probably the only sober person asleep in the beer tent.  The boys didn't seem to mind too terribly, I think they enjoyed the excuse to try all of the local ales available!

James and I went with our close friend Chip who is a journalist at the local paper.  It was a nice surprise when he sent me this picture the following week...
...my first official publication! Admittedly the Dursley Gazette isn't quite NME magazine but it is a start.
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  1. congrats for your publication!
    it's definitely a start. oh, i love music concert.

    1. Thank you :) and I do too, especially outdoors in the summer! xx

  2. that's awesome that your photo was published! woo congrats! definitely a big deal!and by the way - that donut, so yummy looking especially while i'm hungry right now!

    1. Haha thank you! I felt a bit like a child - I genuinely had to fight the urge to stick it to the fridge back home xx