15 Jun 2013

Tying up loose ends.


I know, shameless continued use of camping photographs, but life round here currently is a hell of a lot less photogenic!  James and I are busy packing up our flat; our day to day interactions involve dancing around boxes and leaping over the seemingly endless piles of what can only be described as 'how can two people accumulate so much junk'.  Surprisingly, despite the chaos (and the insane number of moths we seem to have disturbed) I am secretly enjoying this limbo; James' job doesn't start till the end of July so for the first time since Christmas we have time to spend together, watching re-runs of Buffy whilst packing and spending too much time rediscovering items as opposed to packing them.  Also the whole pregnancy thing seems to be entitling me to cups of tea on demand and an absence of heavy lifting, I really could get used to this.  

On the whole pregnancy thing; I am almost at 19 weeks and only have one more week to go until the anomaly scan.  I am equally apprehensive and excited (I genuinely do not understand how people could wait to find out baby-gender - I mean, I have to google the ending of episodes of The Walking Dead whilst watching them, I really can't hack surprises).  A friend and I spent a tragic amount of time going through lists of 'Old Wives' Tales' that can supposedly tell you whether you are expecting a boy or a girl.  This includes strong, evidence-based science such as; if you smell good during pregnancy you are expecting a girl or if you crave ham sandwiches it is a boy!  Overall, the old wives are predicting a girl, I just can't wait for modern medicine to have a say too.  


On a dull note, for the time being I think I am only going to be updating this space twice a week.  What with tying up the loose ends associated with leaving your home city of six years, packing and moving, attending baby-related hospital appointments and saying our fond farewells to sights and people loved here, life is looking pretty busy.  This is why I am no longer participating in ad swaps for the time being - I would totally fail to pull my weight!  But I can't explain how lovely it has been to hear from some of you again, thank you for the lovely comments.


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  1. Congrats on the pregnancy! i guess i havent been keeping up with your blog because this is the first time im reading about it! so very exciting - and im with you - i couldn't imagine having to wait to find out the sex of the baby!