18 Feb 2013

Conscientious Consumerism: starting on clothing.

Ethical Clothing

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Carrying on with conscious consumerism I thought better make a start at some point on the epic topic that is clothing.  This is such a huge area that it is difficult to even know where to begin.

About two years ago, issues associated with shopping on the high street started to reach my ears.
About 18 months ago I tried to make high street purchases only half of my purchases.
For the last six months, apart from a packet of tights, I have not once shopped for clothing on the high street!

It has been a slow transition but I am figuring out how to survive without trips to town. I have honestly never been a big shopper and I have never quite understood the nation's desire to shop as a weekend past time, but I am a sucker for a pretty dress and sparkly jewelry.  Plus, y'know, the benefit of internet shopping is a) not getting stuck in the rain/queues and b) getting stuff in the post!

So to ease into this topic easy-like, I have started with my personal ethical clothing wish list.  These items have been picked from Rapanui Clothing (eco brand, uses renewable energy and all clothing items are fully traceable), Finisterre UK (another traceable, sustainable and local - to the UK - clothing brand) and People Tree (for sustainable and fairtrade fashion).  There are so many other small, eco-fashion labels I would love to include but these'll do for starters!

And, something I am struggling with as a keen knitter is where to buy wool?  I am asking for your advice - if you know of good, animal friendly wool brands, please link me in the comments below.  Please.

In case you were curious this video (narrated by Pink) addresses the wool trade.  Just to warn you, the video is not easy watching and it is graphic.  Seriously, if you are easily upset then just don't watch this.

And finally, for you UK shoppers - I have copied this table from the Ethical Consumer group.  I am fully aware that a lot of the time it is not possible to avoid the high street, so this details (20 being the best score and 0 being the lowest) the score given to each high street shop by the Ethical Consumer group on the basis of animal rights, people rights, environmental facts and political factors.  A pretty neat summary!  I think it is at least important to know what it is you are buying into.
Clothes shopping rating


  1. I've been trying to find a good source of yarn as well! It seems like it's impossible to find yarn made out of recycled, organic, or even fair trade materials.

    1. I know, it seems ridiculous doesn't it?! So the hunt goes on....

  2. Love all the items in you wishlist, beautiful! In my town there is a kind of cloth library. Basically like a second hand shop but you just borrow the items and return them after 3-6 weeks. All for free. This is a great alternative way of looking on clothes I think. You just don't have to own everything!

  3. thank you for this post! i have been going back and forth about buying more eco/animal friendly clothing but this video is definitely life-changing. conscious shopping is the best shopping!