6 Feb 2013

Around here...

like your hair doo 4

Around here is continuing to be a little stressful.  James' finals are in five weeks and he is certainly feeling the pressure whilst I simply seem to be spending more and more time in front of screens, tapping away my enthusiasm character by character!  But despite the work, we are setting aside time each evening to eat dinner together listening to our newest record (Smooth and Turrell - James + band recently supported them in concert, so the vinyl was a necessary addition to the collection).

Also, in lighter news (literally) I finally braved the change and got 1.5 foot of hair cut off! Despite the initial panic when the woman simply cut off my ponytail I am feeling so pleased.  Sometimes a small change can make such a difference to your mindset.  I was less pleased when, on leaving the hairdressers, it started to hail and my bare neck felt all chilly!

like your hairdoo

James gave me a small jewelry box yesterday.  Inside was the most beautiful little ammonite fossil.  How could any jewelry compare to something that has been waiting at least 65.5 millions years buried in the rock to be discovered once more?  



  1. Love the hair cut! And, a jewelry box with a fossil inside is sweeter than any generic pair of earrings :)

  2. I completely agree with you about the jewelry, I would always prefer something natural with a history attached to it (:

  3. Cool fossil mi lady! Following you.