14 Jan 2013

A perfect weekend hiding.

Jolyons Hotel 1

James and I went on holiday this weekend, a city mini-break, to ... our own city!  It was a wonderful brainwave and the perfect way to celebrate our four years together.  Before Christmas we bought a weekend deal through a voucher website for a boutique hotel in Cardiff (Jolyons no. 10 if you are interested), so this weekend we simply walked to the hotel and hid away from reality for an entire three days.  It gave us an opportunity to see our home with new eyes - we switched off our phones, we ate somewhere new, drank wine in an establishment that was not simply the closest one to our house and re-discovered what Cardiff had to offer.
It was so perfect; there was no stressed packing, no worrying about the cost of petrol, nothing extra to consider, just a pleasant stroll across the park and into our luxury suite - leather sofas, posh coffee, plunge pool and all!  (I may have sat in the plunge-pool-bath-tub-thingy for approximately 70% of the weekend away, oh my gosh do I need one in the flat).


I never thought that, with all my nomadic cravings, the place that most deserved exploring would be right on my doorstep. 

Jolyons Hotel 3 Jolyons Hotel 2

Do any of you holiday at home?  And did you feel at all weird/sneaky hoping you didn't meet anyone you know?

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  1. Sounds fun! Any reason to celebrate, even if you're celebrating small is still monumental! Congrats on 4 years!