21 Dec 2012

Making Christmas #6: Ombre-effect dipped candles.

ombre candle

As you can find instructions for making pillar candles all over the internet, I don't feel I have much to add regarding the basics.  I used this website here, but made some adaptations following much trial-and-error.

My additional hints and tips are:

- Instead of using a proper double boiler, putting the wax base (whether beeswax or paraffin beads) into a heatproof heavy-based jug into a large pan of boiling water works pretty darn well.
- It can be a nightmare to get the candle out of the mold!  The website I have linked (as with many others) suggest putting the candle in the fridge for 15 minutes - use the freezer!!  15-30 minutes in the freezer, then run the mold under the hold tap and the candle slides out peasy.
- Don't worry about a 'wick-rod', an old chopstick is a much more money efficient tool, and as for the 'sealer' just use a bit of blu-tac!

We trialed several different brands of wax-dyes and did not like any of them - the colours looked very artificial and plasticky.  Then I came across a Martha Stewart tutorial for Dip-Dyed candles which uses bog-standard wax crayons to colour the wax.
We dipped our candle according to her instructions but only for 5 seconds, then allowed the wax to harder.  Then we dipped the candle in the coloured wax again (another 5 seconds) but only half of the depth that we had previously dipped it.  Once cooled, we did this for a final time, but only dipping the bottom 1 cm of the candle into the coloured wax.  The building up of the coloured layers created a lovely ombre effect.

ombre candle 2


  1. So beautiful!ive always wanted to make my own candles but ever tried! This one loos pretty enough to be worth the time!

    1. What got me was just how little time it took - plus it felt like the rainy day weekend projects you get to do as a child! too much fun!

  2. How neat!! I love the color you picked too.

  3. Thank you for the mold tip! I normally make my soy candles in jars but bought a mold and only got one candle to come out of the mold. That involved putting it in the freezer, but when I put the others in the freezer the candle split. I'm definitely trying this tip! If it works, you are a lifesaver!!!