1 Dec 2012

I'm off home..

An eclectic post today.  I spent the morning making Sloe Gin (recipe to come and if anyone has any suggestions of where to buy pretty glasses to gift them with, I would love to hear about it), when it hit me.  So I am now ramming essentials into a bag for an overnight, fleeting visit back home.  Just sometimes the need to be somewhere familiar (and warm) is so overwhelming I just can't fight it.  So in a couple hours I will back in Somerset, fussing the dogs and curled up on the sofa in front of the fire.

Also, once again please excuse the graininess of these pictures, I have now finally moved back into the world of grown up cameras (blissful) but there are still a few old phone photos I can't bear to leave unloved and abandoned.  
In the picture above, the cushion on the right is made from a sack that used to contain crumb from my family's pasta-making business.  They get through hundreds of the things and the print is too lovely to simply waste, so on my bed it has ended, smelling comfortingly of flour.


And this is Mackie, my neighbour's noisy, needy moggie who I wish was mine.

And finally, to finish your morning, make your own Pollock inspired piece of artwork here. It is addictive, I pretty much have my own Pollock-esque collection now, who knew making art could be so simple!  Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. "curled up on the sofa in front of the fire" sounds heavenly~ safe travels~

    1. Oh it really was and it ended far too soon.. thank you x

  2. OMG the Pollock site is addictive.