22 Nov 2012

Making Christmas #3 Cranberry and Orange Vodka.

Christmas is coming

Another Christmas hamper goody (and again Mother, please avert your eyes).

This is a recipe for Cranberry and Orange Vodka.  It is sweet, rich and christmassy and the most phenomenal ruby-red colour.  It is a lovely drink on its own in the evening or, my personal favourite, it makes a slightly more decadent alternative to a Bellini - pouring a little of the spirit into the bottom of a champagne flute then filling the glass up with Prosecco (at some point in the future I will blog about this as it is, without a doubt, the worlds best cocktail).

The recipe for this is super simple.

1.  Weigh out 250g of Cranberries.  You can use fresh cranberries but you will need to prick them all over with a fork to make sure the juice can infuse into the vodka - it is much easier to use frozen cranberries (or freeze fresh ones before you use them) as the freezing process cracks the skin so you don't have to.

2.  Zest 2-3 oranges; be really careful to not put any of the pith (the white bit) in as it will make it bitter.
3.  Weigh out 175g of sugar (you can add more to taste later if you prefer it sweeter)
4.  Place all the ingredients into a sterilised, air tight jar amd pour over a litre of Vodka.
5.  Leave to infuse for two weeks, shaking it for 30 seconds every day.
6.  The fun bit, try a little bit and see if it is sweet enough for your liking, if it is then strain the vodka (a fine sieve or a muslin lined sieve will do the job) and pour into your bottles.  If not, add a touch more sugar, shake and leave for another couple days.  Repeat until perfect, then bottle.
7.  Gift or enjoy :)

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  1. Looks wonderful! Very very Christmasy & it's getting me super excited!

  2. Oh my, that sounds super delicious!