25 Oct 2012

More on the subject of Halloween.

I am all out of kilter this week.  Halloween is without a doubt my favourite time of year but I'm sure every year I get a little more carried away with the planning.  Currently attempting to  orchestrate a masquerade ball in a student house is turning out to take a little more brain power and effort than originally intended!
But, oh my gosh, I love the excuse to celebrate a day that everyone can enjoy equally.  I can't wait to carve my pumpkin whilst watching Coraline and to put lychees in every drink, maybe even my tea, and pretend that they are eyes.  I am so excited to play Halloween party games even though we are all too old and to go dancing in the garden between the grinning pumpkins. 

Sadly, what little time I am not spending getting carried away with ghastly plans, has been spent on my dissertation.  So instead of anything new to offer, I have raided my hard drive for pictures of Halloweens past, the quality might be a bit terrible but they are still something marvellous!

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All the above pictures are actually cupcakes I made for a Halloween Supper in 2010.

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This was The Mad Hatter's Tea Party from 2011.

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And this was our Avatar Halloween.  Okay so it wasn't particularly scary but everyone wants to be painted blue and dramatic at least once in their life...right?

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  1. Those cupcakes are INCREDIBLE! And I LOVE the Avatar costumes!!! So neat!!!