29 Oct 2012

A quiet Monday.

Disappointingly I am back from the whirlwind of Halloween land.  The fake blood has been scrubbed off and most of the feathers gathered and packed away.  Everyone made so much effort, I feel so lucky to have friends that not only get truly involved but who have tolerated my planning, excitement and bossing since August.

I can't decide which bit was best - the preparation was both stressful and hillarious (watching the puppy chew severed limbs was a particular highlight), the party was magnificent (I am still glowing with pride) but the hungover breakfast with all my nearest and dearest felt almost as special.  And finally, now all the clearing up is finished and the face paint smears are being washed from the towels, the pumpkin seeds are roasting and the soup is bubbling away, I feel calm and contented.

Please enjoy some of the madness of the slaughterhouse ball.








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