1 Sep 2012

My first quilting experience.

Firstly, before I get to the 'meat' of this post, I thought I would share the fact that I am now officially on the Instagram bandwagon.  And oh boy do I take back my previous sniping on the subject.  Tacky fake filters and vignettes, I love you.  Here is my first week through the lens of a Nokia.


Anywhoo, continuing with my drive for some consistency in this blog, Friday is going to become (whilst my enthusiasm and inspiration is maintained) a sort of project-y day.
Yesterday afternoon I was rummaging through my crafts box desperately trying to find some waxed linen cord to reproduce a button bracelet I found on pinterest, when I discovered a wodge of pre-cut fabric squares I bought in an Oxfam charity shop about two years ago.  Having recently read about Elise's dabbling with quilts, I decided what better way to give quilt making a go  than with cheap fabric, that is pre-cut, and that has been taking up valuable craft box space for some time!  The button bracelet will simply have to wait.

IMG_1410 IMG_1416 IMG_1417

It took about half an hour to bodge the pile of squares together.  The squares were not entirely even, I briefly contemplated cutting them but instead decided to wing it and see what happened.  I think it is pretty neat looking myself.  I just have to figure out how to turn it into an actual quilt now...and then decide what use a quilt that 85cm x 85cm actually has!
If this works out then I will embark on an actual, real sized quilt.  I have always wanted a snuggly grey and pale pink floral quilt for the bed and if I just get on and make it, James can't really complain at the colour scheme!


p.s.  It is actually more square than it looks in this picture - it just needs a bit of an iron.

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