23 Jul 2012

Week one of summer break.


Considering this is technically my first week of the summer holidays, I have already made a pretty good start on my summer list.  This week I am continuing by addressing number 19: visit more relatives.  James and I are going to be spending the week on a canal boat with his family.  So currently, between Lemsips and bouts of snotty moping, I am packing a pile of books, watercolours, pens, colouring pencils, notebooks, a new knitting project to embark upon and a hefty batch of camera film. 
This is going to be my first holiday with James' family, and whilst a little nervous, I cannot wait to be sat at the end of the boat with a glass of chilled white wine, reading my book and watching the world pass by.  Although it feels like it might be a bit tricky to peel myself from the sofa right now....but heck, a holiday is a holiday!
. .

Please note in the above picture - my first ever, fully-completed-with-no-holes-or-dropped-stitches, knitted socks.  They are super snuggly!

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