23 Jun 2012

Something for the Weekend: June's Collection.

This collection is by far my favourite as it has been built for me by those I love.
The fifteen charms that I have been bought have come from both friends and family and each one has its own story.  Some of the stories are silly, like the flip flop I was bought instead of actual footwear and consequently spent the entire weekend barefoot. Others are beautiful memories in metal form, like the elephant that reminds me of the elephants we befriended in Nepal.  And others remind me of people; the hare is my mother who once hoped her daemon would be a hare and none of us could imagine anything more fitting.
Everyday I wear it I am reminded of the people I love and the memories we share.  
IMG_3808 IMG_3809 IMG_3815 IMG_3811 IMG_3817 IMG_3827

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