14 Jun 2012

The smell of basil.


For me the summer is pretty much defined by its food.  Sure the weather is better, but I also love the beach in the rain and the park in the snow and my windows are open year round.  Sure I like wearing pretty dresses but to be honest, my summer wardrobe is just my winter wardrobe without tights.  And sure I love the long, romantically lit evenings, but give it another few months and I will be craving snuggly socks and red wine by the fire.  I'm pretty easy going.
But oh my gosh the food of summer.  I love the smell of tomatoes especially when they are sun-warmed and I get to pick them straight from the plant.  I love the fruit trees, from the blossom to the three figs we grow every year to feed to the caterpillars and blackbirds.  I love eating cold quiche in the garden and I love strawberries by the tonne.
Most of all, the smell of basil means summer has happened.  During the summer months I have basil with strawberries, with tomatoes, with mozzarella, on pasta and on pizza or just on its own whilst walking past the plant.  All food is made more summery with basil don't you think?

The photo above was a quick lunch I had on Friday.  One beef tomato sliced up and served on a slice of sour dough rye bread (baked by James the night before) with basil torn over and drowned in balsamic and olive oil and seasoned with rock salt and black pepper.  Pretty good for a two minute lunch I'd say.

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