6 Jun 2012

Silver-studded beauty.

IMG_2673 copy

This little chap, as you may've figured out from my labelling skills, is a Silver-Studded Blue butterfly.  He considerately posed for me for about 5 minutes, coquettishly wiggling his antennae.  The minute I got home I identified him from my butterfly book.  Did you know that the larvae form of these critters have a pretty snug relationship with ants?  The ants act as a bit of a bodyguard from some predators and in return they feed on a sugary fluid that the caterpillar produces from its butt.  Isn't that just amazing?
Whilst he posed a few of his companions fluttered around my face, their colours were stunning, not brash like their Emperor friends but instead understated and sophisticated.  Sadly I got so many nettle stings just capturing this guy on camera, I had to let the others pass by me undocumented.  I love June.

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