30 Jun 2012

Making plans for the summer.

Like many people out there I seem to spend a lot of time making lists.  This year though it feels especially important to make a list for the summer as we have nothing major planned; heck a list of all the fun stuff I'm going to do is the best kind of list in my opinion.  So whilst visiting James' family we took a long walk along the cliffs and drank good coffee whilst making some plans.

So here it is, the 30 things I (and some we) wish to achieve this summer.
  1. Go camping with friends
  2. Go camping with James
  3. Go walking in the Brecons
  4. Go to London Aquarium
  5. Walk a dog by the Sea
  6. Find a penpal
  7. Read a book with James
  8. Eat more pizza
  9. Have a picnic at the park
  10. Try three new cocktails
  11. Go to St. Fagans
  12. Make museli
  13. Make Bacon
  14. Host a Murder Mystery dinner party
  15. See a band I have not seen before
  16. Hire a tandem bike
  17. Sew summer bunting
  18. Make five different Pestos
  19. Visit more relatives
  20. Learn to play chess
  21. Make James do a 1000 piece Jigsaw puzzle
  22. Go to Barry Island
  23. Go to the arts evening at Milgi's
  24. Go to Cardiff Museum (I mean I have lived next to it for 5 years..)
  25. Learn one song on James' guitar
  26. Try and use my watercolours more often
  27. Go on fortnightly dates
  28. Fly my Pirate Ship Kite
  29. Go Crabbing
  30. Grow a Chilli

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