10 Jun 2012

The Jubilee.


Whilst I am not a royalist in any shape or form, I will accept any excuse to make scones.  These were light and crumbly and ever so slightly salty and we ate them with the first pick of strawberries from the Farmer's Market and disgusting amounts of cream, washed down with strong tea.  Despite the gale force winds and rain outside our window, it still felt a little like summer.
Overall our Jubilee was fairly unpatriotic but we were finally able to have a day off together.  We revelled in doing nothing; we did a jigsaw puzzle and James tried patiently, but unsuccessfully, to teach me chess, we ate scones and I even knitted a little whilst watching The Mentalist snugged up on the sofa.  It simply felt blissful, I could live like that for an eternity.

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