27 Jun 2012

The birthday Olympics.

Over the weekend it was this lovely girl's birthday:
So we created the Birthday Olympics in her honour.  
I compiled a selection of some of the best party games I have played since starting university and some that I have always wanted to play.  (If you'd like a go at your own birthday Olympics you can download our Schedule by clicking this link).  The boys were in charge of the sports gear; think unitards, speedos, legwarmers and bandannas!  Score boards were drawn up, certificates printed and prizes decided upon.  It was a grueling competition but ultimately the best man won... me.
It was a fantastic night but be warned, if you host your own Olympics, some of the games more than a little embarrassing and marshmallows, toothpicks, pennies, a ball, lots of space and a good cocktail recipe are all required!
Have fun!

IMG_3936 IMG_3950

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