3 May 2012

The start of my most beautiful collection yet.


After sitting in my Amazon Wishlist for about 6 months, I felt revision was finally reason enough to treat myself.  The Cloud Collectors Handbook (by Gavin Pretor-Pinney) is a publication from the Cloud Appreciation Society.  I mean who doesn't appreciate clouds, right?  The concept of this little book is simple, go out, pay attention and collect clouds to earn points (kind of like low maintenance pokemon).  I may have also bought a copy for James.  We may or may not be getting a little competitive about out respective collections.
Here is the start of my collection, I hope you start your own.

. . . .

Mostly though, I love knowing what I am looking at; the descriptions of how they form, what classifies them and even on occasion what weather they predict, is fascinating.  It is a good way of making the time in the library pass a little quicker!

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