27 Apr 2012

You gotta eliminate the negative.

My intricate plan making has fallen through and the humdrum must apparently continue.  It is sad but there just isn't space in my life currently to take the risk, however big the payoffs might ultimately be.  I am trying my best to 'eliminate the negatives, accentuate the positives' (which I may have been singing endlessly for the last 24 hours) and to stop thinking in circles about new and better plans!  For example I have started a new collection which I may be able to share in the next couple of days and today, in an attempt to accentuate the positive, I took photographs of the walk I do every day to college and back.  I am in love with the grotty backstreets.

. . . .

I am now planning an olive and chicken tagine for dinner and listening to the audiobook of 1984 on YouTube, so today cannot be all bad eh?

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