29 Mar 2012

Spring has sprung

So once again the time to start revising coincides with the arrival of the most glorious sunshine.  Consequently I spent a long morning sulking at my desk slumped over pages and pages of advanced linguistics gazing out the window at everyone else in the world having fun (no hyperbole, I swear the population of Cardiff were playing frisbee below my window).  Eventually I succumbed to temptation, I packed my book (Catch-22), a notebook, drawing pens, a camera and slightly optimistically - my revision, and headed down to the park.  As you might've guessed, little revision took place, but I took some pictures, read a while and just to make it perfect, eventually James came to join me after a morning of delivering babies to climb trees.  Pretty good life skills I'd say!  Advanced linguistics will have to wait till it rains.
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